Case Study – ALF Treatment and the Whole Body Connection

Case Study – ALF Treatment and the Whole Body Connection

Embryologically the teeth, with the exception of the enamel, develop from neural crest cells. This same group of “brain cells” gives rise to the autonomic nervous system. This developmental relationship is the underlying connection for the myriad of somatic symptoms that are directly and indirectly caused from malocclusions. Crooked teeth feed noxious impulses into the nervous system which cause responses from corresponding organs (liver, spleen, pancreas, heart, brain, etc.), muscles, endocrine (thyroid, pancreas, parathyroids, adrenals) system imbalances, lymphatic stasis, structural imbalances (scoliosis, herniated discs, sciatica, etc.) and dominance or hypofunction of sympathetic/parasympathetic nerves. Imbalance of the nervous system can have far reaching effects on the total health of the individual. One just has to look at the teeth of Olympic gold medal winners to see that most if not all have broad dental arches and straight teeth. High physical performance cannot be achieved with crooked teeth.

Jennifer was referred to my office for treatment of chronic headaches, neck and low back pain. These symptoms lingered despite regular chiropractic care. Clinically, any time chiropractic and or osteopathic manipulations do not hold, there is a dental component to the structural problem. Underlying dental abnormalities can range from a minor bite interference to a sever malocclusion. The former can easily be treated with a minor tooth adjustment while the later requires extensive dental orthopedics and orthodontics.

Jennifer’s dental problem was complicated since it also involved strain patterns within the cranium. These strain patterns directly influence the dural tube, which extends down the spine and ends in the sacrum. The narrowed maxillae (upper palate) is really the base of the human skull. Any distortions in the foundation will manifest else where in the body. Treatment involved use of an upper ALF (Advanced Lightwire Functional) appliance. The treatment goals were first to release the strain patterns within the skull bones and second to level the maxillae or foundation of the skull. The last treatment objective was to use conventional braces to align the teeth to literally hold the skull bones in a balanced position. Unfortunately, conventional dental treatment totally ignores balancing the skull bones prior to doing the teeth straightening procedures. Often times the patient is left with “straight teeth” but a crooked head and chronic body symptoms.

The series of photographs depicts the various phases of treatment in this case. Completion resulted in a balanced cranial mechanism, stable spine and pelvis and a pretty smile. Comprehensive treatment of this nature insures a better quality of life for the patient as well as a beautiful cosmetic result.


Chronic headaches, neck pain and low back pain … totally resolved by correcting crooked teeth and skull distortions.

Narrow Upper Arch
Corrected Dental Arch
Severe Lower Arch Crowding
Dental Arch Expansion
ALF Non-Extraction Final Alignment with Braces


Case treated by Dr. Gerald H. Smith

The Energy Scene – Episode 01 – Encinitas, CA

The Energy Scene – Episode 01 – Encinitas, CA

If you were to read any post on internet videos the first rule is to keep them to “only a few minutes.”  So…ya…just wanted to let you know that I broke that one.  If you’re going to try and make a TV show, I had no choice but to make it into the 22-minute range because there was no way I was going to make an hour long show!

I would like to thank Paul Chek and the Yang Family for their help in making our pilot episode.  A special note to the creative musical talents of Benjamin Bidlack for his numerous, original contributions to this show. Paul has been a great friend for a long time.  It was through him that I would run into my friend and business partner Rory Mullin.  Rory was from Toronto, but we were on the same course in California at the time by coincidence.  For more information on Paul or the Chek Institute check out, as they have lots of courses that may peak your interest.  Their Holistic Lifestyle Coach I is a great course that could benefit anyone, not solely those in the health and fitness industry.

I have always been fascinated by surfing and when I found out that Rob was a surfer, I wanted to become his new Canadian friend, when I met him at our first course together.  We took the Chek Practitioner Level III course together as well a few years later and it was incredible to catch up with him on this past trip to shoot the video.  He has a great setup to see clients and is a top health practitioner.  If you would like more information on Rob, you can visit him at

The second episode of The Energy Scene is set in Tulum, Mexico and will be released when I’m done writing the script for it!  It is about a time that I spent at a re-“treat” with “Misty Tripolli & The Groovers.”  They played host to me for a quick 2 ½ day adventure in movement.  It was short…but this trip and its group of people impacted my core.  It is a scene that has energized me since my return in December, and I have been reflecting on that trip for some time!  It is going to be tough to put this experience on to a script.  We hope you enjoy our pilot.  Feedback is always welcome.  In addition, ideas for future Energy Scene episodes are much appreciated!

Wellness – What image do you want to “portray”?

Wellness – What image do you want to “portray”?

When you type the word “wellness” into any image search on the internet, you are painted a very different picture then how wellness is portrayed in the media (newspapers, magazines, advertising, TV shows, infomercials, etc.).

That portrayal seems to be about the quick absorption of stimulated energy, measuring tapes, calorie counting, six packs, bikini seasoning, butt blasting, celebrity diet following, fat burning, extreme weight losing, fastest results, guaranteed in fact in most cases.

What is not shown is what people do after you have the unlimited energy, and followed the best celebrity diet on your way to the best bikini body you have ever had, or how your six pack is starting to fall into formation.  In actuality, there are far more important questions to be asking ourselves.

Do you take a good poop every day?  Do you smile when you see the person in the mirror?  Do you wake up refreshed in the morning?  Are you angry?  Do you get along with your partner?  Do you enjoy spending time with your children?  Do you know your children?  Do you really know your children?  Where do you get your energy from?  How do you choose to spend your energy?  With whom do you choose to spend your energy for?  Does your body ache?  Daily?

These are not as measurable, or marketable, but all should still be considered in the equation.

For that leads you, to your formula.


The formula inside you, that will hopefully last longer than 7 days, 30 days, 90 days, through the New Year’s resolutions…and carry you through decades and decades of joyful living.

We like to think more in terms of benefits that you form into lifelong practices.

So, with this being our first post, on our new website, we would like to thank you for visiting.  We look forward to building our little energy scene in this little part of the web, and in turn, hopefully enhancing the scene you live in and share – wherever in this web you may be located.