Why are We “Hacking” Ourselves for Health?

Why are We “Hacking” Ourselves for Health?


“Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.” ― Rudyard Kipling


The more we treat our bodies like a machine, the more we may realize, over time, that it is not. We cannot simply slide in another chip or motherboard or hard drive. Our body-mind needs rest. It needs to move. It needs to be given high quality food and water. However, it seems these days that we are seeing how science fiction is becoming more and more of our reality. Perhaps that is the reason why we feel we now need to “hack” our own bodies in the pursuit of better health.

Definition of hacking: “To gain access to a computer illegally.”


Why are we accessing our body illegally? Are we so far removed from our own body-mind that we need to access it illegally to trick ourselves? Now, I imagine I may get some feedback from a reader or two that I’m merely making a big deal about nothing. “It’s just a word”. “We should just be encouraging people to get healthy.” Perhaps “hacking” is just a trend like any of the many exercise trends that have come and gone and I’m making a bigger deal of this expression then it needs to be.


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Obviously, we should be encouraging people to get healthy and finding easier ways to share that with people is vital. I believe we should also be encouraging people to treat their bodies like the incredible human beings that we are. We are not a computer (thankfully).

Most people I have worked with don’t need to add more things to their life. Most people have enough going on. Most people have enough “programs” running in their lives. Most people, at least the ones I coach, need to slow down and simplify their lives.

If you are having problems with sleeping at night, take a moment and look at what you are doing to cause that problem. Look to see how many energy drinks and cups of coffee you are taking in throughout the day. Just don’t accept consuming them as a regular part of your daily practice and just look for more and more “hacks” to download to “rewire your brain’s circuitry.”

“I can’t get going without my coffee!”

“I have such a better workout after my Red Bull.”

Ok! So you are not a machine. You do have emotions tied to certain habits you are accustomed to. Then, stop treating your body like a computer and start looking at ways to alleviate some stress away from your body-mind. Stop looking to “fool your body.” You are your body! If you are sputtering through the day, don’t look at quick ways to give it more jolts to have enough power to “get you through the day.” That doesn’t sound like a recipe for a healthy lifestyle. It sounds like a limiting perspective on a human being that should have unlimited potential.


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May I suggest that we look at health and wellness with more of a lifetime vision. A lifelong process of effective living directed at health, performance, and longevity. The less amount of “weight” you are carrying around — physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually — the more you may enjoy the journey.

If improving your health and wellness is your goal, then make it a gradual progression. It should allow for comfort. Learning. Comprehension.

There is no need to access your body illegally. Perhaps just finding time to turn off all of the noise and spending time offline will assist you in getting back in-line with yourself. Sitting quietly, with your eyes closed for a few minutes, may provide you with all the answers needed to find ways to get healthier.


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