Why are We “Hacking” Ourselves for Health?

Why are We “Hacking” Ourselves for Health?


“Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.” ― Rudyard Kipling


The more we treat our bodies like a machine, the more we may realize, over time, that it is not. We cannot simply slide in another chip or motherboard or hard drive. Our body-mind needs rest. It needs to move. It needs to be given high quality food and water. However, it seems these days that we are seeing how science fiction is becoming more and more of our reality. Perhaps that is the reason why we feel we now need to “hack” our own bodies in the pursuit of better health.

Definition of hacking: “To gain access to a computer illegally.”


Why are we accessing our body illegally? Are we so far removed from our own body-mind that we need to access it illegally to trick ourselves? Now, I imagine I may get some feedback from a reader or two that I’m merely making a big deal about nothing. “It’s just a word”. “We should just be encouraging people to get healthy.” Perhaps “hacking” is just a trend like any of the many exercise trends that have come and gone and I’m making a bigger deal of this expression then it needs to be.


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Obviously, we should be encouraging people to get healthy and finding easier ways to share that with people is vital. I believe we should also be encouraging people to treat their bodies like the incredible human beings that we are. We are not a computer (thankfully).

Most people I have worked with don’t need to add more things to their life. Most people have enough going on. Most people have enough “programs” running in their lives. Most people, at least the ones I coach, need to slow down and simplify their lives.

If you are having problems with sleeping at night, take a moment and look at what you are doing to cause that problem. Look to see how many energy drinks and cups of coffee you are taking in throughout the day. Just don’t accept consuming them as a regular part of your daily practice and just look for more and more “hacks” to download to “rewire your brain’s circuitry.”

“I can’t get going without my coffee!”

“I have such a better workout after my Red Bull.”

Ok! So you are not a machine. You do have emotions tied to certain habits you are accustomed to. Then, stop treating your body like a computer and start looking at ways to alleviate some stress away from your body-mind. Stop looking to “fool your body.” You are your body! If you are sputtering through the day, don’t look at quick ways to give it more jolts to have enough power to “get you through the day.” That doesn’t sound like a recipe for a healthy lifestyle. It sounds like a limiting perspective on a human being that should have unlimited potential.


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May I suggest that we look at health and wellness with more of a lifetime vision. A lifelong process of effective living directed at health, performance, and longevity. The less amount of “weight” you are carrying around — physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually — the more you may enjoy the journey.

If improving your health and wellness is your goal, then make it a gradual progression. It should allow for comfort. Learning. Comprehension.

There is no need to access your body illegally. Perhaps just finding time to turn off all of the noise and spending time offline will assist you in getting back in-line with yourself. Sitting quietly, with your eyes closed for a few minutes, may provide you with all the answers needed to find ways to get healthier.


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The Energy Scene – Episode 02 – Tulum

The Energy Scene – Episode 02 – Tulum

In this episode I take my camera to spend time with Misty Tripoli and The World Groove Movement in Tulum, Mexico.  I met up with people who were taking part in her Just Love Groove Retreats and had the opportunity to share their dance floor for a couple of days.  Misty and I talk about the fitness industry, how she got started in it, and of course, about dance.  Misty and I connected in our concern for the direction that the Fitness Industry is taking on teaching people about health and wellness.  Perhaps we should be discussing a broader definition of health and wellness?  Or will be stuck to capturing it as a melting pot of 6 pack abs, protein powders, burning calories, body hacking, fitness apps, and, as someone who has her own set of exercise videos, be about “fitting into your jeans by Friday.”


About “The Energy Scene”

“The Energy Scene” is a Canadian wellness and travel series. Phil Delaire travels to exciting cities and explores diverse perspectives on health and wellness. As a one-person film crew, he integrates into the background as an observer, to try and capture the personalities that surround him. From energy scenes around the world, he tries to reflect on lessons learned and find ways to put them into everyday practice.

Original Music produced by Benjamin Bidlack and can be found on iTunes.

The Energy Scene – Episode 01 – Encinitas, CA

The Energy Scene – Episode 01 – Encinitas, CA

If you were to read any post on internet videos the first rule is to keep them to “only a few minutes.”  So…ya…just wanted to let you know that I broke that one.  If you’re going to try and make a TV show, I had no choice but to make it into the 22-minute range because there was no way I was going to make an hour long show!

I would like to thank Paul Chek and the Yang Family for their help in making our pilot episode.  A special note to the creative musical talents of Benjamin Bidlack for his numerous, original contributions to this show. Paul has been a great friend for a long time.  It was through him that I would run into my friend and business partner Rory Mullin.  Rory was from Toronto, but we were on the same course in California at the time by coincidence.  For more information on Paul or the Chek Institute check out http://www.chekinstitute.com, as they have lots of courses that may peak your interest.  Their Holistic Lifestyle Coach I is a great course that could benefit anyone, not solely those in the health and fitness industry.

I have always been fascinated by surfing and when I found out that Rob was a surfer, I wanted to become his new Canadian friend, when I met him at our first course together.  We took the Chek Practitioner Level III course together as well a few years later and it was incredible to catch up with him on this past trip to shoot the video.  He has a great setup to see clients and is a top health practitioner.  If you would like more information on Rob, you can visit him at http://www.robertyang.net.

The second episode of The Energy Scene is set in Tulum, Mexico and will be released when I’m done writing the script for it!  It is about a time that I spent at a re-“treat” with “Misty Tripolli & The Groovers.”  They played host to me for a quick 2 ½ day adventure in movement.  It was short…but this trip and its group of people impacted my core.  It is a scene that has energized me since my return in December, and I have been reflecting on that trip for some time!  It is going to be tough to put this experience on to a script.  We hope you enjoy our pilot.  Feedback is always welcome.  In addition, ideas for future Energy Scene episodes are much appreciated!

Wellness – What image do you want to “portray”?

Wellness – What image do you want to “portray”?

When you type the word “wellness” into any image search on the internet, you are painted a very different picture then how wellness is portrayed in the media (newspapers, magazines, advertising, TV shows, infomercials, etc.).

That portrayal seems to be about the quick absorption of stimulated energy, measuring tapes, calorie counting, six packs, bikini seasoning, butt blasting, celebrity diet following, fat burning, extreme weight losing, fastest results, guaranteed in fact in most cases.

What is not shown is what people do after you have the unlimited energy, and followed the best celebrity diet on your way to the best bikini body you have ever had, or how your six pack is starting to fall into formation.  In actuality, there are far more important questions to be asking ourselves.

Do you take a good poop every day?  Do you smile when you see the person in the mirror?  Do you wake up refreshed in the morning?  Are you angry?  Do you get along with your partner?  Do you enjoy spending time with your children?  Do you know your children?  Do you really know your children?  Where do you get your energy from?  How do you choose to spend your energy?  With whom do you choose to spend your energy for?  Does your body ache?  Daily?

These are not as measurable, or marketable, but all should still be considered in the equation.

For that leads you, to your formula.


The formula inside you, that will hopefully last longer than 7 days, 30 days, 90 days, through the New Year’s resolutions…and carry you through decades and decades of joyful living.

We like to think more in terms of benefits that you form into lifelong practices.

So, with this being our first post, on our new website, we would like to thank you for visiting.  We look forward to building our little energy scene in this little part of the web, and in turn, hopefully enhancing the scene you live in and share – wherever in this web you may be located.