Magnascent Iodine Supplements

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The need for high quality iodine supplements is continuing to grow.  Iodine is absolutely necessary for life and optimum functioning of the body.  This element nourishes the thyroid in its production of thyroid hormones – T3 (triiodothyronine) & T4 (thyroxine) – which are primarily responsible for regulation of metabolism.  Iodine can also help to support detoxification of the body, balance the cellular hormone levels, supply physical energy, improve immunity, and fight infections.

Due to toxic chemicals, lack of nutrition in our food, and poor food choice, many of us may be iodine deficient, which can cause hormonal dysfunction in cells of the body.  Fluorides, chlorides, and bromides mimic iodine and competitively inhibit iodine absorption.  Due to the recent impact of increased exposure to heavy metal contamination, herbicides, pesticides, and possible radioactive pollution, as well as low levels of selenium in soil where crops are grown, the need for iodine in the daily diet has become more crucial than ever.

Benefits of Iodine Supplements:

Thyroid – The relationship of iodine to thyroid functioning has long been known; without adequate iodine the thyroid glad cannot produce sufficient thyroid hormones.  Magnascent Iodine can be quickly and effectively utilized by the thyroid, resulting in the immediate manufacture of T3’s and T4’s.

General Health & Energy – Iodine is used in every cell of the body.  It is essential to healthy mitochondria (the “power plant” of the cells) and healthy organs, especially breast, ovaries, and prostate tissue.

Reproductive Health – Iodine also concentrates in the breast tissue in women, and a lack of it can lead to a condition called fibrocystic breast disease.  A 2009 New England Journal of Medicine report states, regarding the importance of iodine, “normal thyroid function in fetuses and breast-fed infants, which is dependent upon on sufficient maternal dietary intake of iodine, is crucial for normal neurocognitive development.  Even mild iodine deficiency may have adverse effects on the cognitive function of children.”

Suggested usage:

1-3 drops in a half ounce of water, place in mouth, swirl around then swallow, followed by more water.  Do this once in the morning and once in the afternoon.  If you are pregnant, nursing, have a severe medical condition, or use prescription medications you should consult a physician before use.


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