If you were to read any post on internet videos the first rule is to keep them to “only a few minutes.”  So…ya…just wanted to let you know that I broke that one.  If you’re going to try and make a TV show, I had no choice but to make it into the 22-minute range because there was no way I was going to make an hour long show!

I would like to thank Paul Chek and the Yang Family for their help in making our pilot episode.  A special note to the creative musical talents of Benjamin Bidlack for his numerous, original contributions to this show. Paul has been a great friend for a long time.  It was through him that I would run into my friend and business partner Rory Mullin.  Rory was from Toronto, but we were on the same course in California at the time by coincidence.  For more information on Paul or the Chek Institute check out http://www.chekinstitute.com, as they have lots of courses that may peak your interest.  Their Holistic Lifestyle Coach I is a great course that could benefit anyone, not solely those in the health and fitness industry.

I have always been fascinated by surfing and when I found out that Rob was a surfer, I wanted to become his new Canadian friend, when I met him at our first course together.  We took the Chek Practitioner Level III course together as well a few years later and it was incredible to catch up with him on this past trip to shoot the video.  He has a great setup to see clients and is a top health practitioner.  If you would like more information on Rob, you can visit him at http://www.robertyang.net.

The second episode of The Energy Scene is set in Tulum, Mexico and will be released when I’m done writing the script for it!  It is about a time that I spent at a re-“treat” with “Misty Tripolli & The Groovers.”  They played host to me for a quick 2 ½ day adventure in movement.  It was short…but this trip and its group of people impacted my core.  It is a scene that has energized me since my return in December, and I have been reflecting on that trip for some time!  It is going to be tough to put this experience on to a script.  We hope you enjoy our pilot.  Feedback is always welcome.  In addition, ideas for future Energy Scene episodes are much appreciated!