When you type the word “wellness” into any image search on the internet, you are painted a very different picture then how wellness is portrayed in the media (newspapers, magazines, advertising, TV shows, infomercials, etc.).

That portrayal seems to be about the quick absorption of stimulated energy, measuring tapes, calorie counting, six packs, bikini seasoning, butt blasting, celebrity diet following, fat burning, extreme weight losing, fastest results, guaranteed in fact in most cases.

What is not shown is what people do after you have the unlimited energy, and followed the best celebrity diet on your way to the best bikini body you have ever had, or how your six pack is starting to fall into formation.  In actuality, there are far more important questions to be asking ourselves.

Do you take a good poop every day?  Do you smile when you see the person in the mirror?  Do you wake up refreshed in the morning?  Are you angry?  Do you get along with your partner?  Do you enjoy spending time with your children?  Do you know your children?  Do you really know your children?  Where do you get your energy from?  How do you choose to spend your energy?  With whom do you choose to spend your energy for?  Does your body ache?  Daily?

These are not as measurable, or marketable, but all should still be considered in the equation.

For that leads you, to your formula.


The formula inside you, that will hopefully last longer than 7 days, 30 days, 90 days, through the New Year’s resolutions…and carry you through decades and decades of joyful living.

We like to think more in terms of benefits that you form into lifelong practices.

So, with this being our first post, on our new website, we would like to thank you for visiting.  We look forward to building our little energy scene in this little part of the web, and in turn, hopefully enhancing the scene you live in and share – wherever in this web you may be located.