In this episode I take my camera to spend time with Misty Tripoli and The World Groove Movement in Tulum, Mexico.  I met up with people who were taking part in her Just Love Groove Retreats and had the opportunity to share their dance floor for a couple of days.  Misty and I talk about the fitness industry, how she got started in it, and of course, about dance.  Misty and I connected in our concern for the direction that the Fitness Industry is taking on teaching people about health and wellness.  Perhaps we should be discussing a broader definition of health and wellness?  Or will be stuck to capturing it as a melting pot of 6 pack abs, protein powders, burning calories, body hacking, fitness apps, and, as someone who has her own set of exercise videos, be about “fitting into your jeans by Friday.”


About “The Energy Scene”

“The Energy Scene” is a Canadian wellness and travel series. Phil Delaire travels to exciting cities and explores diverse perspectives on health and wellness. As a one-person film crew, he integrates into the background as an observer, to try and capture the personalities that surround him. From energy scenes around the world, he tries to reflect on lessons learned and find ways to put them into everyday practice.

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